FLOWD Sustainable Water Management


FLOWD – making sustainable water management easier, in response to a global water security crisis.

From water utilities and their customers – to major water users, FLOWD provides real-time access to water use data, automated water leak alerts and user-friendly dashboards to better manage water. 


Urgent water conservation is needed


As communities, the way we address water management now, will determine what kind of world we leave for our children. Avoiding the waste of water through leaks within our potable water networks, buildings, public facilities and homes, is something communities can embrace right now, with FLOWD.

“Long-term water security is really a major concern in the region where we live. The creation of more dams or desal is difficult, because of the environmental significance of our area. We started FLOWD to make it easier for everyone to save water, by seeing their data and getting leak alerts that could be addressed early.”

David Langdon – Managing Director


FLOWD – an integrated water management tool


“FLOWD has since evolved to become an integrated sustainable water management tool that includes: FLOWD Network Manager for professional network managers, Pro FLOWD for commercial and institutional water users and the My FLOWD portal for end-use customers. 


FLOWD was incredibly exciting to build because we had direct insights from working with water engineers on what was needed to best serve the industry. We’ve been able to provide new solutions to the problems to improve the way digital meter data is presented and networks are managed. Things like leak alarms and excess water use notification, just as an example, in a drought situation are easily customised and communicated to end users through the app.


Another benefit is that FLOWD allows network managers to maintain complete ownership of their data that is infinitely scalable as data-points are added.  FLOWD also communicates with various types of metering devices, which was also very important to clients.”

Marc Locchi – Chief Information Officer


Sustainable water management


FLOWD’s specialisation as a sustainable water management solution has many advantages, for professional water utility network managers, large commercial and industrial sites and all water users.


Please, act now, to conserve water, contact FLOWD Sustainable Water Management for a demonstration and further information.