Providing residents with digital access to water usage, excess use alerts and billing

One of the great advantages of FLOWD is helping customers to avoid bill shock. Imagine the potential for water utilities to improve customer service, when their clients get a water leak notification 24 hours after it occurs – rather than three months later, after they get an excess water use bill. It’s possible now, with the advancements readily available in our smart water metering technology.
David Langdon
MD, FLOWD Smart Water Solutions

Customer benefits and advantages of MyFLOWD

MyFLOWD is part of our vision to support utilities and communities to meaningfully engage in the long-term water security for any jurisdiction.

Customer benefits and advantages of the MyFLOWD Customer Portal include:

Data access

MyFLOWD enables utilities to provide customers with fingertip access to their water usage data via any device, and their own secure login to the portal. This lets customers better understand their water use and encourages greater awareness and behavioural patterns to help save water.

Leak detection and alerts

Our user-friendly MyFLOWD is built with the individual water user in mind. It clearly shows when a meter does not go to zero use at any point in a 24-hour period. This usually means that there is an issue, and an alert is generated. This helps avoid costly bills for excess water use or property damage from undetected water leaks.

Billing and account data

MyFLOWD can be integrated with billing and account data. This can be incorporated for utilities wishing to provide customers online access to their account information and billing history.

Better property management

Property owners, property managers, body corporate managers, real estate agents and tenants can all access water consumption data and leak alerts. In strata-title complexes, split billing may be enabled based on water usage, not equal share, for a fairer and more equitable approach to billing administration.

Customer configuration

MyFLOWD customers can also configure their own parameters when it comes to excess and abnormal water use alerts. This enables any water user to establish their own notifications, specific to their circumstances, to help better conserve water and manage their water costs.

Saving water, reducing costs

The MyFLOWD Customer Portal benefits your customers by helping them conserve water and save on their water bills. For water utility managers, this supports better customer service and customer relations.

Advantages of using MyFLOWD



FLOWD offers a cost-effective digital water metering solution.   

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Improved customer relations

Please contact us today for a demonstration of the benefits of the MyFLOWD Customer Portal in improving customer services and customer relationships for water utilities.

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Cost savings

Automated water leak and excess water use alerts for individual residents will directly save water utilities’ money and administrative time, when it comes to reducing Concealed Leak Allowance customer rebates.

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Brand and key message consistency

FLOWD’s standard white labelling capacity extends to the MyFLOWD Customer Portal. MyFLOWD can be presented seamlessly in line with your overall brand and key message requirements, and is adaptable to change at any time.