Helping water providers to manage water more sustainably


Smart water metering solutions have the potential to easily save well over 10% of water. This equates to significant cost savings and benefits. FLOWD is the simply the easiest way for commercial and industrial water users to understand their water use and to save water and money.

ProFLOWD for Water Providers


ProFLOWD offers water providers a simple interface to utilise the benefits of Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) with a secure management portal, while maintaining ownership and control of their data through cloud networks.


Gain actionable insights to both network performance and customers, allowing reduced consumption and better network planning and management.


FLOWD cost-effectively helps utilities to achieve operational efficiencies, conserve water, improve services, support water security, and reduce costs.


Use the MyFLOWD portal to offer customers access to their personal water use data to better manage their consumption and ‘bill shock’, with automated excess water use alarms.

Customer Portal Access


Water utilities can provide better customer services with the MY FLOWD customer portal, enabling customers access to their water use data and excess water use alerts.

Advantages of using ProFLOWD

Intuitive data display

User-friendly – FLOWD displays data in a structured, customisable way. Interactive GPS mapping and network management tools are intuitive and easy-to-use to monitor water usage across multiple facilities as required.

Advanced searches

FLOWD makes it simple to search for and monitor any data collection point within a facility, or a network of facilities. Data points can be coded to match the requirements of any legacy coding system, to monitor and manage your network seamlessly and efficiently.

Leak detection

Leaks are detected within 24 hours with pin-point accuracy via GPS mapping and reported with automated alerts. Leak and excess use notifications are enabled and can be configured to meet any specific requirements.

Sophisicated analytics

Inbuilt analytics calculate totals, averages and baselines, and enables customisable data query functionality and analysis, such as for KPIs. Overlay with ambient temperature data is incorporated to easily assess whether increased water use is due to weather conditions or abnormal use.

Customisable alarms

Setting up water leak and excess water use alert parameters is easier and faster with FLOWD. Automated alerts can be received via SMS or email.


FLOWD can generate reports quickly with automatic configuration. Our system also incorporate custom reports that can be tailored and exported via CSV or excel and received in any preferred method.

Streamline billing

FLOWD enables the capability for billing of individual tenancies in strata title complexes based on actual water use, and not an equal share of the bill. This provides for a fairer and more equitable billing process in such circumstances.

Full implementation support

Comprehensive implementation support is available. FLOWD is easy to adopt so that all commercial and industrial water users can start to gain the benefits of smart water metering, now.

Why ProFLOWD is different


ProFLOWD offers a cost-effective digital water metering solution.   

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Easy to interpret and manage with intuitive and customisable data control.

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Works with a range of smart metering options and not dependent on any brand or product.

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Flexible with support available to integrate with existing data management and legacy IT systems.

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Secure with NB-IoT data. Records are maintained – even if meters change.

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Unlimited data collection points, able to be progressively expanded.

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Proven to achieve water and cost-saving operational efficiencies.

ProFLOWD offers a superior water management software solution – giving you access to water usage devices and data any time, any day.


Understanding your facility’s unique usage patterns and identifying discrepancies will enable you to understand water consumption and facilitate conservation within a single site, or across multiple facilities, in a sustainable and efficient manner.


Conserve water and reduce business costs by talking to us about the advantages of ProFLOWD smart water metering and management software.