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Flowd Smart Water Metering App

Take charge of your water consumption and save money

Say goodbye to bill shock from unexpected water bills due to hidden water leaks! Say hello to significant cost savings on your water bills.


FLOWD provides commercial businesses with convenient access to their water consumption data anytime, anywhere, through a user-friendly web application.


This accessibility allows you to stay connected and make informed decisions about your water usage effortlessly.

Benefits to Water Providers


Robust, scalable, and secure, ProFLOWD is an innovative and affordable water management solution for water providers of the future, and their customers.

Fast and accurate data for water providers and their customers


ProFLOWD for Water Providers

Offers water providers with a sophisticated platform to visualise and manage water use and conservation.

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ProFLOWD for Commercial Customers

Offers major water users with a sophisticated platform to visualise and manage water use and conservation.

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The MyFLOWD customer portal improves the flow of water use information to customers and facilitate better customer engagement in water conservation.

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Easy and cost-effective water management


ProFLOWD provides easy access to water usage data and revolutionises water management conservation in so many ways.


It disrupts traditional pricing models for digital water metering and offers significant operational and cost savings efficiencies.


Digitally metered networks can be implemented and scaled at a fraction of the previous cost.

Addressing our water security imperative


Managing water sustainably is challenging due to climate change, population growth, and costly maintenance of infrastructure.

FLOWD disrupts previous digital water metering models, offering an affordable, accessible, and scalable solution for sustainable water management.

Flowd Smart Water Metering Data

Recent Leak Detections

FLOWD has been engineered from our vision to improve water security – and we are proud to offer a best-practice software solution, for all aspects of potable water supply management. Here are just some of the recent leaks we’ve uncovered across the sectors we’re actively serving

Noosa Shire Council


Noosa Shire Council is participating in a water monitoring trial, with the objective of conserving water and reducing costs. This reflects Council’s strong commitment to sustainability and responsible management of ratepayer funds. Read more


Currently, the FLOWD application is being trailed at the following facilities:

– Noosa Aquatic Centre
– Noosa Leisure Centre
– Tewantin Main Office
– Noosaville Depot

Little Cove Court Resort detected a loss of 200 Litres per hour, saving up to $9,110 per annum


A major water leak was detected on one of the irrigation lines was running with a constant 200 litres per hour disappearing. A fitting inside the faulty solenoid was replaced and the issue fixed within a day of the leak being found.


The Cove Noosa Resort detected a loss of 100 Litres per hour, saving up to $4,555 per annum


The pool had a faulty top-up sensor causing it to continuously top up incorrectly, with an overflow mechanism sending excess water to waste. The leak was fixed within a few days.

Aspire Property Management detected a loss of 10 Litres per hour in one of their high end luxury holiday homes


FLOWD successfully identified a water leak resulting from a damaged irrigation valve located near the property’s foundation. This leak posed a challenge as it was concealed underground and gradually permeating the sandy substrate.

Little Cove residential home was losing 200 Litres per day on a leaking toilet, wasting potentially $100 per year.


FLOWD successfully identified a water leak resulting a leaking toilet saving an estimated 73,000 litres per year.

Noosa Waters home residential home saved 25 Litres per hour on a hidden leak


FLOWD detected a hidden leak under a concrete driveway at a Noosa Waters home that would not have otherwise been known or visible.

Benefits of FLOWD

Enhancing Water Management and Conservation

Network demand management


An agile dashboard for complete network visibility and easy parameter configuration. Set water restrictions, create group alarms, and receive excess water use notifications.

Non-revenue water


FLOWD reduces non-revenue water with cost-effective solutions, detecting leaks within 24 hrs via GPS and automated alarms for sustainable resource management.

Customer service


FLOWD reduces non-revenue water with cost-effective solutions, detecting leaks within 24 hrs via GPS and automated alarms for sustainable resource management.

Community engagement


Empower customers in water conservation with FLOWD. Access water use data and receive automatic leak and excess water alerts. Network managers can easily communicate conservation tips and restrictions via the app.


Infrastructure management


Enabling network managers to identify likely water loss issues and prioritise infrastructure maintenance cost-effectively through geographic identification of network losses. This data-based approach helps save on unnecessary maintenance and management costs, providing significant commercial advantages.

Commercial opportunities


FLOWD allows utilities to generate additional revenue through value-added services, streamline administration, reduce operational costs, and improve infrastructure maintenance with automatic meter reading.


Smart water metering solutions possess the capacity to conserve more than 10% of water, leading to substantial cost reductions and advantages. FLOWD offers the most convenient method for commercial and industrial water consumers to preserve water and reduce expenses.

ProFLOWD offers a superior water management software solution – giving you access to water usage devices and data any time, any day.


Understanding your facility’s unique usage patterns and identifying discrepancies will enable you to understand water consumption and facilitate conservation within a single site, or across multiple facilities, in a sustainable and efficient manner.


Conserve water and reduce business costs by talking to us about the advantages of ProFLOWD smart water metering and management software.