Noosa Council collaborating in a water monitoring trial to save water and money

Noosa Council is participating in a water monitoring trial, with the objective of conserving water and reducing costs. This trial reflects Council’s strong commitment to sustainability and responsible management of ratepayer funds.


The trial involves use of a new software application developed locally in Noosa Shire, called FLOWD Sustainable Water Management. FLOWD is developed in collaboration with global tech partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Singlestore, to provide for a fast and accurate data management solution.


FLOWD registers data via the Internet from digital metering devices to provide information on a facility’s water use. The data can be used to better understand how to manage and conserve water.


The app also provides automatic alerts when there is higher than expected water usage, based on pre-defined parameters set by the user. Council is excited about the potential of the software to catch leaks early, potentially minimising water wastage.


Currently, the FLOWD application is being trialed at the following facilities:


• Noosa Aquatic Centre
• Noosa Leisure Centre
• Tewantin Main Office
• Noosaville Depot


Watering monitoring at the Noosa Aquatic Centre has significant potential, as the Centre is one of the Noosa Shire’s largest water users. The Council Director of Community Services said: “Water is the Centre’s largest operating expense, so every drop of water saved, is money saved for residents. We are looking forward to working with a local innovative organisation and evaluating the benefits through the trial.”


Council’s participation in this trial will span a period of one year, during which officers will assess the effectiveness of digital water metering in conserving water and the potential for reducing costs at council-operated facilities.


Image from Noosa Aquatic Centre