Pro FLOWD – Saving money and water for commercial and institutional water users
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Pro FLOWD is a water management platform for commercial and institutional properties, helping water users monitor and manage water usage, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiencies.


Pro FLOWD is a modern web-based application that makes it easier to manage water use and to save water and money. Pro FLOWD is assisting clients to meet their objectives with respect to Sustainable Facility Management (SFM) and can also be configured to integrate with legacy facility management software systems.

User-friendly management


Pro FLOWD reads data from a variety of smart metering devices to present a user-friendly management dashboard. Interactive GPS mapping gives a complete view of all metering points making it easy to monitor water use across multiple facilities and locations.

Leaks or excess water use are reported within 24 hours with pin-point accuracy and reported with automated alerts. It has never been easier to set up parameters so that clients can determine and manage their own water use.


The service features of Pro FLOWD


Intuitive data display

• Reads data from a variety of smart metering devises.
• User-friendly data is displayed in a structured, customisable way.
• Interactive GPS mapping display to monitor water usage across multiple facilities and locations.


Leak detection

• Leaks are detected within 24 hours with pin-point accuracy
• Leak and excess use notifications can be configured to meet any specific requirements.
• Automated alerts can be received via SMS or email.


Reporting and searches

• Searching for any data collection point within a facility, or a network of facilities, is enabled.
• Reports can be generated quickly using templated, or customisable configuration.
• Reports can be exported via .CSV or excel


Sophisticated analytics

• Inbuilt analytics is enabled to calculate totals, averages and baseline data.
• Data query functionality and analysis is customisable, such as for KPIs.
• Overlay with ambient temperature data is incorporated, to assess whether increased water use is due to weather conditions or abnormal use.


Technology advanced and customer-friendly
• Modern yet customer-friendly technology interface, offering practical solutions to technical problems associated with smart metering.
• Secure, single-page, web-based application with nothing to download, accessible through any smart device anywhere in the world.


Save water, reduce bills


Pro FLOWD is saving clients thousands of litres of water annually, resulting in reduced water bills.

Contact FLOWD Sustainable Water Management today for more information or a demonstration of the benefits of Pro FLOWD for commercial and institutional water users.