How can Flowd help property developers?

The Flowd smart digital water meter and app are allowing property developers to install better water management infrastructure and services in their projects.

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Best practice water management

Do you want your future developments to include best-practice water management and allow your customers to save time and money administering their water accounts?


Would you like to offer your clients a fail-safe in-built, leak detection system and market your future developments as Flowd Accredited, best practice water management?

Become a Flowd Accredited organisation and offer your clients a superior water management and money saving product to go with their investment.

Monitor and manage

Flowd Smart Water technologies will streamline every aspect of water account administration and provide the ability to create water bill invoices and accept payments online.


For strata-titled complexes, Flowd enables individually metered water bills to be generated easily to each individual property in the complex. This means owners only pay for the water they use, not a portion of an equally split account.


Flowd Smart Water technologies allows property owners to track how much water is being used and when. This information can be accessed, in real-time, to make sure they are on track to conserve water, detect leaks early and to help reduce those ever-present water bills and reduce the risk of property damage.

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Flowd Smart Water Application

Once the Flowd Smart Water Meter is installed, it communicates at half-hourly intervals with the Flowd Smart Water App, offering real-time data on water usage, directly to your clients, mobile phone, desk-top or tablet.


This tells your client how much water your property is using and at what time of the day, every day of the week, and will detect abnormal usage and leaks well before you receive their water bill, or damage is caused to their investment.

Leak Protection

Because the Flowd Smart Water App is registering water usage at half-hour intervals, it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage in the system is is attached to.

There are many areas in a property where there may be a dripping tap, or a concealed water leak that could slowly be causing unseen damage.


The Flowd Smart Water App can be configured to provide an automatic alert if there is a leak or excess usage, enabling immediate action so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem, or expense, later on.


An optional part of our services are the Flowd Stop-Cock leak protection valves for all of the braided hoses in a building (normally found under sinks). These valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism.


Installing the Flowd smart water system gives an owner complete piece of mind that their home or investment is being safeguarded from water leaks and excess usage, 24 hours a day.

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    Flowd Accredited Property Developers

    Do you want to market developments that represent the world’s best practice in water management and conservation?

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    Become Accredited

    Becoming a Flowd Accredited Property Developer is easy and enables you to arrange installation of the Flowd Smart Water Meters at your developments through your plumbing service providers.


    It is easy for your preferred plumbing supplier to become a Flowd Accredited Installer and to install the meter.

    Reap the benefits

    Upon installation, the Flowd Smart Digital Water Meter communicates with the Flowd Smart Water App, that is also highly intuitive and easy to use.


    Using Flowd, your developments can offer clients:


    • Streamlined administration of water bill management


    • Leak detection and alerts through the Flowd Smart Water System.
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    Enquire today

    Enquire now to become an Accredited Property Developer to offer your clients the Flowd leak detection and water metering and monitoring technology.