How can Flowd help Plumbers?

Add the Flowd Smart Water Meter and App to your toolkit today, and help your clients manage, monitor and reduce their water usage.

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Save water & money

Do you want to offer your clients a superior set of services such as water leak detection and protection and real time data on water usage to help conserve water and save money?


For your clients in strata-titled complexes, would you like to be able to offer capacity for individually metered water bills?


Flowd technologies allows Flowd accredited plumbers to help owners, occupants, managers and service providers, associated with all forms of facilities, to manage their water use, through improved water metering, leak detection and account management.

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The Flowd App

Implementation of the Flowd Smart Water Management System for plumbers is exceptionally easy – setup in under 20 secs.


The big difference in our system to others currently available is that our water meter is a smart meter, which communicates at half-hour intervals with the Flowd App, offering real-time data on water usage directly to your, or your clients’ fingertips.

How can this benefit your plumbing business?


As an Accredited Flowd Manager, Flowd technologies enable you to receive an initial installation fee.


Then, after installation, we can configure the Flowd App, so that if there is a water leak or excess water usage at your clients’ property, you will receive an automatic notification.


This will enable you to contact your client and to be first on the scene to address the situation, resulting in improved client retention for your business.


The Flowd App allows real time monitoring of every aspect of water management.


If your clients are property managers or investment property owners, this includes invoicing tenants their water usage, through the click of a button


If your clients are body corporate managers, they can offer individualised metering to their strata-title unit owners, based on actual consumption as opposed to shared invoicing of the total bill.

Leak Protection

Because the Flowd App is registering water usage at half-hour intervals, it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage at a property.


As an optional part of your services, the Flowd Stop-Cock leak protection valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism for all of a property’s braided hoses.


The Flowd technologies will enable you to provide a new level of service to your clients when it comes to protecting their valuable assets.

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    Flowd Accredited Installers (licenced plumbers)

    Do you want to add another dimension to your plumbing services business and offer your clients a superior option for water management in their facilities?

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    Become Accredited

    Becoming a Flowd Accredited Installer is easy and enables you to immediately offer your clients a superior service in water management.


    The Flowd Water Management System combines the Flowd Smart Water Meter with the Flowd Smart Water App, that are both easy to install and use.


    We will provide full training material and ongoing support for your Flowd Accreditation.

    Reap the benefits

    Becoming a Flowd Accredited Installer offers several benefits to your plumbing business.


    • Accreditation is a fast, straightforward process for any licensed plumber when you complete our step-by-step installation training process.


    • We provide a step-by-step training manual that comes with a helpful installation video and our licensed and experienced Flowd Water Management plumber is at hand to provide advice and assistance if required.


    • Installation of the Flowd Smart Water Metre is not difficult, and the Flowd Smart Water App is easy and intuitive for your customers to use.
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    Enquire today

    Enquire now to become an accredited Flowd Installer and start adding Flowd Water Management Solutions to the repertoire of plumbing services that you provide.