How can Flowd help your Household?

Flowd Smart Water technologies is changing the way that households and families use, monitor, manage and save water.

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Protect your home

Would you like access to easy to use technology that lets you monitor your water usage, detect leaks as they happen and protect your home from water damage?


Do you want to help make a difference and conserve our precious water resources while saving money on your household water bills?

Becoming a Flowd, water conscious household today, can help save water and money.

Save water at home

Flowd technologies allows households and families to have easy access to up to date data on their water use. This helps you to track how much water you are using, and when you are using it.


You can use this information to make sure you are on track to conserve water and help reduce those ever-present water bills.


We also help to make sure that you don’t have a hidden water leak somewhere, slowly causing damage behind walls, for example, that can be expensive to fix later on.

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Flowd Smart Water Application

Once your Flowd Smart Water Meter is installed, it communicates at half-hourly intervals with the Flowd Smart Water App, offering real-time data on water usage, directly to your fingertips, through your mobile phone, desk-top or tablet.


This tells you how much water your household is using and at what time of the day, every day of the week, and will detect abnormal usage and leaks well before you receive your water bill, or damage is caused to your home.

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Leak Protection


Because the Flowd Smart Water App is registering water usage at half-hour intervals, it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage in the system is is attached to.

Imagine all of the areas where there may be a dripping tap, or a concealed water leak that could slowly be causing unseen damage to your home.


The Flowd Smart Water App can be configured to provide you with an automatic alert if there is a leak or excess usage, enabling you to address the issue straight away so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem, or expense, later on.


An optional part of our services are the Flowd Stop-Cock leak protection valves for all of the braided hoses in  your home (normally found under sinks). These valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism.


Installing the Flowd smart water system gives you complete piece of mind that your family;s home is being protected from water leaks and excess usage, 24 hours a day.

Flowd Accredited Households

Would you like to reduce both the risk of water damage in your home and your insurance premiums?

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Flowd Accreditation for households and water users

Become a Flowd Accredited household, or any water-using facility, to be recognised for your commitment to better water management and conservation.


You can use Flowd Accreditation to then enter into discussions with your insurer and asked for a reduced premium, as your water leak risk is significantly reduced.


It is easy for your preferred plumbing supplier to become a Flowd Accredited Installer and to install the meter.

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