Flowd Water Management Software


Our smart water technology is transitioning the way we are all able to monitor and understand water usage, detect and manage leaks and become more water-efficient.


Our vision is to improve the way we manage and conserve our precious water resources.

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Making managing water easy.

Flowd smart water solutions is improving the way that we use, monitor, manage and save water.

Avoid Bill Shock

Detect water leaks early & save potential thousands in repair costs

Reduce Water

Monitor your day by day water usage at a glance and save

Split Bills Fairly

Strata titled units can be billed for the water they actually used

Receive Alerts

Receive water usage alerts via email or SMS to manage your usage

Get Paid Faster

Ability to create water bill invoices and accept payments online

Simple Setup

Easily connect the app to the water meter in less than 30secs

Leak Detection

Easily detect leaks and water issues with the Flowd application

How can Flowd help you?

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Commercial and
Industrial Property


Start using Flowd smart water solutions to save on water management administration costs and to provide your clients with a superior property management service.


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Residential Strata
& Bodies Corporate


Water leak detection, management and monitoring are significant issues for bodies corporate, and strata-titled unit owners.


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Water Utilities
& Councils


Offer residents and your commercial customers access to their own water usage activity and billing with a management platform giving insights into network losses, billing abnormalities and leaks


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Schools & Universities


Flowd technologies are working with local schools to help students get involved and save our precious water resources.


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Home Owners


Conserve water resources, detect leaks to protect your home from water damage while saving money on your household water bills.


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Plumbing Services


Offer your clients services such as water leak detection and data on water usage to help save water and money.


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Flowd technology

The Flowd web platform and app gives you access to your water usage data any time, any day.


Understanding your unique usage patterns and identifying ones that shouldn’t be there, will enable you to start saving and prioritising your water in a sustainable and efficient manner.


With customisable water usage alarms set to alert you via your email or sms, you will never have to worry about unidentified water loss or unexpected leaks again.

  • 24 hr monitoring
  • Peace of mind
  • Cost savings

  • Protection
  • Security
  • Complete solution

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