The FLOWD Network Manager dashboard is an easy-to-use tool for utility metering to understand water usage. FLOWD displays smart water data in an easy-to-use, modern web-based platform. It allows you to configure sites, users and other data like no other service currently available, given the technical solutions that we have implemented.
Marc Locchi
Chief Technology Officer - FLOWD

FLOWD the smart solution


FLOWD offers water utility metering that the benefits of an Automatic Meter Reading with a secure data collection and management interface, while supporting clients to maintain ownership and control of their network data.


FLOWD software can enhance any smart water metering solution, providing professional water managers with easy digital access to their data, with a user-friendly network management platform.


Water managers can know the status of the water use within their network with our management portal that can encompass unlimited data points.


FLOWD has been specifically engineered to improve demand management, generate network leak and excess use alerts, and streamline billing and maintenance administration.

Customer Portal Access


Water utilities metering can provide better customer services with the MY FLOWD customer portal, enabling customers access to their water use data and excess water use alerts.

Advantages of using FLOWD



FLOWD enhances access to more of the benefits of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), integrates with existing systems and improves the management of network data. 



Our interactive dashboard has been developed specifically by water industry professionals for water industry professionals and includes numerous enhanced features, such as interactive network maps and inbuilt analytics.

Data management


FLOWD allows water utilities to own, manage and control their own data and provides better ways to manage that data. FLOWD operates on contemporary, open-source data management technologies to offer enhanced security and functionality.

Network management


Network demand management

The District Metered Area (DMA) functionality manages complex networks with scalable and unlimited data points. DMAs can be configured as separate groups within an overall network for management purposes. Parameters can be configured to support demand analysis and management. 


Network maps and data display

Flowd displays data in a structured, customisable and user-friendly way. Interactive GPS mapping and network management tools are intuitive and easy to use.


Manage non-revenue network losses

District metering network maps have the ability to monitor water usage across the supply network for a view of non-revenue water loss sections via metering points and virtual meter setups.

Detect leaks and set alarms

Leak detection

Leaks are detected within 24 hours with pin-point accuracy via GPS mapping and reported with automated alarms. Leak and excess use notifications are enabled for network managers via Utility Metering FLOWD and for customers through My FLOWD Customer Portal.

Customisable Alarms

Setting up water leak and excess water use alarm parameters is easier and faster with FLOWD. Automated alarms can be received via SMS and/or email to both network managers and clients.


Revenue opportunities


FLOWD gives water utilities the opportunity to establish new revenue-generating services beyond the edge of their network, enabling additional and value-added services to their customers. 


This can incorporate automatic billing to streamline administration and offers scope to provide access to customer data (with customer agreement) to third parties, to offer additional services e.g. insurance discounts.

Analytics & reporting



FLOWD can generate reports quickly with automatic configuration. Our system also incorporates custom reports that can be tailored and exported via CSV or excel and received in your preferred method.


API Data Integration

Flowd accommodates a wide range of restful API end points, providing flexibility in accessing your usage data connecting to your legacy systems.



FLOWD makes it easier to search for and monitor any data collection point. Data points can be coded to match the requirements of any legacy coding system to monitor and manage your network seamlessly and efficiently. 


Sophisticated analytics

Inbuilt analytics calculate totals, averages and baselines and enable customisable data query functionality and analysis, such as for KPIs. Overlay with ambient temperature is incorporated to easily assess whether increased water use is due to weather conditions or abnormal use.

Tomorrow’s technology, today


Customer relations

Use the MY FLOWD customer portal to enhance customer service and provide customers with fingertip access to their water usage data. Offer leak and excess water use alerts to help manage water use and avoid client bill shock or excess water use.


White labelling

We understand that water utilities have their own carefully managed brands and communications strategies. FLOWD has been developed to cater for ‘white labelling’, so that the service can be branded as an initiative of your utility metering, powered by FLOWD.


Inventory management

Device inventory management is simplified with capacity for complete inventory data on all forms of AMR devices within the network. This data is recorded and mapped to data collection points, locatable with GPS mapping and codable to your legacy systems.


Access delegation

Standard functionality allows network managers to delegate multiple user levels, so teams only see the data they need.

Billing integration

FLOWD enables integration through API of accurate data into legacy billing systems . Integration is customised to meet specific client requirements.

Advantages of using FLOWD



FLOWD offers a cost-effective digital water metering solution.   

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Easy to interpret and manage with intuitive and customisable data control.

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Works with a range of smart metering options and not dependent on any brand or product.

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Flexible with support available to integrate with existing legacy IT systems.

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Secure with NB-IoT data. Records are maintained – even if meters change.

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Unlimited data collection points, able to be progressively expanded.

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Proven to achieve water and cost-saving operational efficiencies.

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