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Why is FLOWD different

Why is FLOWD different?


FLOWD offers smart water management software that is easy to interpret and manage with intuitive, customisable data control

FLOWD has been engineered specifically to meet the needs of professional water managers, expanding capacity to access, interpret and manage critical data and services.


Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) provides fast and accurate data to our user friendly Meter Data Management (MDM) solution.


Our MDM gives you access to water usage devices and data any time, any day.


FLOWD also helps to find network losses and non-revenue water with an automatic daily water balance.

Using powerful graphing and analytical tools, data can be presented across core business operations. APIs and technical support are available, to streamline any required interface with other common or legacy platforms.


Talk to us to learn more about how FLOWD’s advanced features have been designed to streamline processes for water management professionals.


FLOWD was built to be hardware and data source agnostic, supporting a range of meters and data sources. It is not dependant on any smart metering brand or product.

The flexibility that this gives water utilities is immense, meaning that any combination of existing metering hardware can be used throughout supply networks.


FLOWD is your data solution for network maps, network flows, water leak and excess water use alerts, along with secure account information.


Contact us today to learn more about Flowd’s adaptability when it comes to understanding your needs and the solution requirements.


FLOWD offers scope for great flexibility, integrating with clients’ existing operating processes and legacy IT systems.

FLOWD can be configured to meet your needs and support is provided to integrate seamlessly with your current administrative and billing systems.


We understand that many utility managers are interested in digital metering, however, there are significant considerations when transferring from analogue to digital metering services.


Water utilities can implement FLOWD software as a staged process, running current systems in parallel during testing and transition. 

FLOWD readily integrates with BNS, EMS, SCADA and other display and management software.


Our software also offers the capacity for water utilities to offer sub-metering in multi-tenanted facilities. These might include apartment buildings, shopping centres, retail, industrial and commercial properties.


Talk to us today to learn how FLOWD’s flexibility supports effective and cost-efficient transitioning to smart water metering.


FLOWD provides water utilities with secure access to their data using NB-IoT technology.

Within Australia, Telstra and Vodafone’s NB-IoT networks provide broader coverage and more secure network connections.


FLOWD incorporates privacy and inbuilt security encryption protocols for secure management of client data within the application environment.


Client data is collected over Telstra and Vodafone’s NB-IoT network, encrypted and fed to the  FLOWD data centre via secured connections.


FLOWD offers capacity for data collection point expansion, as utilities increase smart metering services within networks.

As our population continues to grow, utilities must be able to plan for growth and expansion of networks.


Flowd offers unlimited user connection points, both within utility and client networks, offering unlimited capacity for expansion of the digitally metered network component.


Our services are expandable to new sites and users to enable scalability without complicated back-end upgrades.

Flowd is an enhanced solution for network managers reliant on accurate, real time data, to better manage network demand and inform decision making processes.



With unlimited data potential, FLOWD is the simplest way for water utilities and customers alike to reduce water consumption and costs,and support long-term water security.


Talk to us about a staged approach to adopting the advantages of smart water metering within your network.


FLOWD is proven to achieve water and cost saving efficiencies.

Water resources are managed efficiently, with customer leak detection, and excess water use alerts, resulting in reduced water losses.


Operational efficiencies include reducing costs for physical meter readings by using Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology.


Reading meters with digital technology rather than physical inspections reduces fuel and resource expenditure, lowering your corporate carbon footprint.

Providing leak detection and alert capability to customers, will in-turn, reduce the costs of customer leakage utility rebates.


For Water Utility accounts and IT teams, the options presented by Flowd result in streamlined account administration and improved customers services.


Contact us for a demonstration of Utility FLOWD – for a better, more user-friendly smart water metering and management solution.

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