How can FLOWD Water Leaks Reporting help you?

Leak detection, aaccurate, real time water use monitoring, water leaks reporting and easy invoicing makes Flowd the Smart Solution for everyone’s water management needs.

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Property Managers

Start using Flowd today to save on water management administration costs and to provide your clients with a superior property management service.


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Bodies Corporate

Water leak detection, management and monitoring are significant issues for bodies corporate, commercial compexes and strata-titled unit owners.


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Home Owners

Conserve water resources, detect leaks to protect your home from water damage while saving money on your household water bills.


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Property Developers

Access an in-built, leak detection system and market your future developments as Flowd Accredited, best practice water management.


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Schools & Colleges

Flowd technologies are working with local schools to help students get involved and save our precious water resources.


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Water Utility Providers

Offer your tenants individually metered water bills, while saving money and time administering accounts.


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Plumbing Services

Offer your clients services such as water leak detection and data on water usage to help save water and money.


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Save time and money administering accounts for public facilities, and set an example of best practice water management and conservation.

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    Water Leaks Reporting

    Water leaks can be a costly and inconvenient ordeal, causing property damage and surging utility bills. The key to mitigating these issues is early detection and swift reporting. Enter FLOWD, your trusted water-saving ally, designed to streamline water leak reporting for homeowners, property managers, and businesses alike.


    Water leaks are often stealthy culprits, wreaking havoc in the background without immediate notice. These leaks can occur anywhere, from a hidden pipe deep within your property to a dripping faucet that goes unnoticed for weeks. Detecting and reporting them in a timely manner is essential to minimize damage and conserve water. Explore FLOWD Water Leaks Reporting application today!

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