How can Flowd help water utility providers?

Flowd Smart Water Systems technology is allowing water utility providers to achieve greater operational efficiency and improved customer services using our Flowd Smart Water App and wireless water meter.

wireless water meter monitoring equipment

Smart water technology

Do you want your future operations to include best-practice water management and allow your staff to save time and money administering their water accounts?


Would you like to avoid the need for manual water meter inspections to facilitate account invoicing?


Would you like to offer your retail, commercial and public entity customers a fail-safe, in-built, leak detection system?

The smart solution

Flowd technologies enables water utility providers to revolutionise the way they operate.


By incorporating technological innovations, water providers can now achieve greater efficiencies and better services.


Through the combination of the Flowd Smart Water Meters and the Flowd Smart Water App, water utility providers can now avoid manual checking of water metres.


The Flowd Smart meter communicates through the App and client invoices can be generated without physical inspection of the meter.

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Flowd technologies allow water utility providers to:

Collect Data

Streamline water usage data collection

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts for water leaks, to protect your clients’ valuable assets

Monitor Usage

Easily separate accounts for strata-titles and complexes

Leak Protection

The Flowd App is registers water usage at half-hour intervals. This means it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage in any water system it is connected to.

When there is a leak or excess usage, the App can be configured to provide you with an automatic alert. This enables the user to generate a support ticket to their plumbing provider.


An optional part of your client services are the Flowd Stop-Cock leak protection valves for all braided hoses. These valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism.


Water leaks are a very real risk to every property owner. Especially so in strata-titled complexes, where damage can not only occur to an individuals’ unit, but surrounding units and common areas as well.


The Flowd technologies will enable you to provide a new level of service to your clients when it comes to protecting their valuable assets.

Get paid faster

Through the Flowd Smart Water App, every aspect of water management can be monitored and managed.

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    Flowd Accredited Water Utility Providers

    Do you want your future operations to include best-practice water management to save time and money administering your client’s water accounts?

    Flowd water solutions water utility providers

    Become Accredited

    Becoming a Flowd Accredited Manager is easy and enables you to immediately offer your clients a superior service in water management.


    The Flowd Water Management System combines the Flowd Smart Water Meter with the Flowd Smart Water App, that are both easy to install and use.


    We will provide full training material and ongoing support for your Flowd Accreditation.

    Reap the benefits

    Becoming a Flowd Accredited Water Utility has extensive benefits to your services.


    Using Flowd, you can:


    • Streamline your administration of water bill management


    • Invoice tenants directly, through the Flowd Smart Water Metre App


    • Save your agency time and money that could be spent on other             services to your clients.


    • Offer clients the additional benefit of leak detection through                   our Flowd Smart Water System.

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    Enquire today

    Enquire now to become an Accredited Water Utility Provider and encourage your clients to invest in the Flowd leak detection and water metering and monitoring technology.