Noosa Marina saving water and money with FLOWD Smart Water Metering

The Noosa Marina is not an easy site to manage in terms of water given the location of pipes and infrastructure.

For example, water pipes are under the pontoon decking, and some are even submerged in salt-water, in many cases making it impossible to see a leak.


Using a smart water metering service like FLOWD to conserve water is an important step forward in facilitating our vision for a sustainably managed facility.


We are saving significantly on water costs. We can easily visualise water use across our multiple tenancies to fix leaks, address wastage, and support tenants to avoid excess water charges.


Through digital data, FLOWD gives us an easy visualisation of our water use across the facility, and automatic alerts if there is a water leak or excess water use.


The app itself couldn’t be simpler to use and understanding where there are issues, lets us fix them quickly to minimise waste of water.


Our tenants can see their water use data and receive automatic notifications. This helps us to support our tenants to manage their water use wisely and avoid unnecessary costs for excess water use.


Warren Smith, Manager, Noosa Marina