How does Flowd Accreditation help insurers to reduce their water damage insurance risk?

Flowd Smart Water Solutions provides a fail-safe, leak detection and water damage protection system for owners and managers of any kind of property.

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Risk reduction

Are you an insurer wishing to reduce your water damage claims risk?


For insurers, the Flowd Smart Water Solutions Accreditation Program, provides confidence that a client has undertaken appropriate water leak and water damage risk mitigation actions.


Insurers may, therefore, wish to take this into consideration when valuing premiums and addressing claims.

Insurance industry opportunities

Flowd Smart Water Solutions offers enormous opportunities for insurers to work with their clients

to reduce risk from water damage.

Why is Flowd different?

There are other water saving devices and services on the market – so why is Flowd different?


Flowd Smart Water Solutions is unique because of the way our Flowd Smart Water Meters and our Flowd Smart Water App, work together.


Our meters monitor and record water use at half hour intervals, while our App makes this data accessible at any location, through a computer, smart device or smart phone.


If water use is continuous, down to 10mm increments, the Flowd Smart Water system recognises this and generates the alert through the App.

water damage

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Depending on the customer, their needs and the level of service purchased, a series of other remedial actions can then be instigated.


This makes our product and our service, completely unique and insurers can be confident that the Flowd Accredited properties are suitably protected.


In addition to the Flowd Smart Water Meter and App, we market and install Flood Stop Valves and Mildred Valves to protect against leaks in flexible hoses and hot water units, respectively.


These can be added to complement the Flowd Smart Water Meter and App to offer even greater water leak protection and water damage mitigation.

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