How can Flowd help commercial complexes?

Flowd Smart Water Solutions are working with commercial complexes to help managers implement individually metered water bills for tenants, ensure a fail-safe leak detection solution, and to save our precious water resources.

fail-safe leak detection in commercial complexes

Save money & time

Do you want to offer your tenants individually metered water bills, while saving money and time administering accounts?


Flowd Smart Water technologies allows water users to have easy access to up to date data on their water consumption.


Flowd technology also helps to ensure that premises don’t have a hidden water leak somewhere, slowing causing damage behind walls, for example, that can be expensive and difficult to fix.

The smart solution

Flowd Smart Water technologies will streamline every aspect of your water bill administration, enable individually metered water bills in multi-tenanted complexes and save your organisation time and money.

This is time and money that can be redirected to working on growing your business or better servicing your clients.

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Flowd technologies allow commercial complexes to:

Invoice Directly

Invoice water usage to tenants directly with the Flowd App

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts for water leaks, to protect your premises

Monitor Usage

Monitor half-hourly water usage for better water management

Combined with The Flowd Smart Water App, the system gives fail-safe leak detection solution through detailed insights into any water losses, billing abnormalities and leaks.


The big difference between the Flowd meter and others available, is that our water meter is a smart meter, communicating at half-hour intervals with the Flowd App, offering real-time data on water usage.

Fail-safe leak detection solution

Because the Flowd App is registering water usage at half-hour intervals, it can detect if there is abnormal or excess water usage in your premises.

When there is a leak or excess usage, the App can be configured to provide you with an automatic alert, enabling you to generate a support ticket to your plumbing provider.


Flowd Smart Water technologies allow you to manage water accounts for multiple clients through the one, easy to use, online portal.


An optional part of your client services are the Flowd Stop-Cock leak protection valves for all of your tenant’s braided hoses. These valves offer an immediate leak protection mechanism.


Water leaks are a very real risk multi-tenanted premises, where damage can not only occur to one area, but surrounding and common areas as well.


The Flowd technologies will enable you to provide peace of mind to your tenants that their business premises is being maintained to the highest standard.

Get paid faster with the Flowd Smart Water App

Through the Flowd Smart Water App, you can then monitor and adninister every aspect of your tenant’s water use, including invoicing through the click of a button.

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