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About Us

Meet the Flowd team


Our team members at Flowd are all experts in their fields, brought together by a shared vision to conserve water
and solve problems arising from undetected water leaks.

David Langdon – Managing Director


David’s involvement with professional water management comes from 15 years in property management as MD of Aspire Property Management, one of Noosa’s largest property management firms. Issues relating to water usage within the property portfolio led to David’s drive to find solutions for better water management.


Through Aspire, David has experienced many cases of undetected water leaks and excess water use – bill shock, property damage, insurance claims and disputes. Problematic water billing administration in strata complexes and a lack of capacity for owners to pay for water fairly, based on individual use and not a split charge, is also an issue.


At a practical level, David wanted to provide clients with a better solution. This led to a collaboration with like-minded professionals and the creation of Flowd Smart Water Solutions to provide practical and cost-effective answers to these issues.

Marc Locchi – Chief Information Officer


As an experienced applications development engineer, Marc Locchi leads the FLOWD technical development and services team. Marc has been involved in designing and building cloud based applications for customers for over a decade. This includes a long-standing relationship with Stowe Australia, a company of 1,700 employees with a national footprint.


As FLOWD CIO working with the Environmental Engineering Design team, Marc has achieved innovative solutions to technical problems to deliver data flow and management functionality like no other similar, existing technology.


Prior to his engagement with FLOWD, Marc also has extensive experience in managing businesses within multinational organisations in the technology space. He has held a range of local and regional executive roles in companies such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and IBM. In his regional roles, he was responsible for delivering on P&L’s of USD 600M+ and managed cross-cultural teams of 150+ staff.

Stuart Watt – Chief Operating Officer


Advanced Plumber Stuart Watt is the founder and CEO of Ocean Plumbing and Gas Services, servicing Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for over 20 years.


With decades of water and gas management experience, Stuart is one of the founders of FLOWD Smart Water Solutions. Stuart’s qualifications and background includes specialisation in hydraulic and mechanical plumbing and construction project management, including in commercial and industrial environments.


Stuart’s former clients include Rio Tinto, Bechel, BHP and Billiton, where he has honed considerable expertise in plumbing, heating engineering and energy conservation and management.


With an extensive professional history and experience in the water industry, Stuart is passionate about making leak detection and early intervention more readily available for commercial, industrial, strata title and residential water users.


Stuart works with clients to customise the right technical solution to solving age-old water management problems and to help conserve our water resources.

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